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NEWS 04/18/12 - The new Mosaic Class Tampa Headshot Photography site is coming! This new, state of the art marketing and support site for the headshot photography services of Aurora PhotoArts is expected to launch in May 2012. The menu and other features of this site will change as a result.

Welcome to Tampa Headshot Photography, the newest Aurora PhotoArts Mosaic Class marketing and support site, created on January 24, 2012, and launched on February 7, 2012. Since 2002, Aurora PhotoArts has taken great pride in our Tampa Bay headshot photography services, and our headshot photography is treated with reverence by actors and talent who are looking for effective, professional headshot photography services and headshots in Florida. Our headshots are the standard for Tampa Bay market, and our headshot photography services reflect that high standard. We not only take our headshot photography extremely seriously, paying attention to the quality and the detail that our professional clients deserve, but we also spend a lot of time behind the scenes evaluating our headshot photography work, and do a lot of research on how to give our clients effective, high quality headshot photography and headshot services.
As a result of our passion and commitment for headshot photography and delivering professional, effective headshots that can be used in the careers of our clients, our headshots not only maintain the standard for headshots in the Tampa Bay market, but the quality is comparable to headshot photography and headshot services offered to actors and talent in the world’s best markets, major markets such as Los Angeles and New York.
This explains why we’ve had a lot of actors invest in our headshot photography services and headshots here in the Tampa Bay area before moving to Los Angeles and New York, because our headshots are competitive with the standards and the quality in those top markets. These actors use our headshots in top markets, too. Because our headshots are offered at a lower rate than the headshots in those markets, with competitive and comparable quality, our Tampa headshot photography and headshots are a better value than headshots obtained in Los Angeles and New York. We are very proud of that distinction.
This is an expected result, however, because we do not format our Tampa headshot photography and headshots to compete in Tampa Bay or Florida, but rather to compete in prime markets well outside of our area. By default, what works there works even better, here.
Our Tampa headshot photography services are also guaranteed for quality, so you, our client, can be assured that you will get the effective headshot photography that you need for your headshots. After all, obtaining effective, relevant headshot photographs is the point of investing in a headshot photography session with Aurora PhotoArts.
Of course, we offer far more than headshot photography services for actors and talent. We also offer professional headshot photography services, too, for executives, attorneys, businesse owners, and other professionals in need of quality, effective headshots. Since our services are already geared and optimized for the much more competitive, and specialized, actor and talent headshot photography market, this gives any professional in the market for quality headshot photography and headshots a huge advantage.
So, why is Aurora PhotoArts the best, most relevant choice for your headshot photography and headshot needs, and why are we an unbeatable value? Read on for more!

Who are we inspired by for our exceptional headshot photography work?
Well, in this industry, you are either a follower or a leader. One of the reasons that professional actors and talent choose us for their headshot photography and their headshot needs is that we are a leader. We don’t study the work of New York and Los Angeles headshot studios and photographers and try to copy what they do. We have our own style, and have been developing our brand of work, without any other influences, since 2002.
So, the answer is “no one”. We inspire ourselves. We have our own brand, style, and format. This gives us an advantage over other headshot photographers in the Tampa Bay area who demonstrate that they really do not know what they are doing because they try to copy the style and the work of other “famous” headshot photographers in larger markets, and they name-drop them in their web sites and marketing material in an attempt to boost their credibility.
The next thing that you know, they will claim that they are inspired by our work, and many local photographers in Florida already are trying to copy the headshots that we are famous for.
Would you rather have derivative, counterfeit work based on the work of another photographer, or go to the source of quality and sincere innovation?
Well, the proof is in the work. The proof of what we do is in OUR work, which is original.
We especially love Tampa headshot photographers who state that they offer headshot photography work in the Tampa Bay market, but do not show that work in their portfolio. We often see a lot of photographers pass of portraits as headshots, and in many occasions, several of our recent actor clients have stated that this is the reason that they did not book their services. Professional actors and talent choose us, and book us, because it is obvious that we do excellent, and relevant, headshot photography work.

Are headshots the same as portraits?
We had to bring this up, as we have seen more and more portrait photographers in the Tampa Bay market attempt to offer headshot photography and design services.
So far, we have not been impressed with these faux headshot services, as they are not really headshots. Portraits are NOT headshots, and using portraits as headshots will hurt the career of any professional.
For actors and talent, this is very critical, too, because even if they do not realize that portraits are not headshots, casting directors and other professionals will, and this will directly affect the professional credibility of actors and talent who attempt to pass of portraits as headshots.
Sure, some of these portrait photographers are good photographers, and they do a great job taking pictures and portraits, but many of them are ignorant of what makes a headshot a headshot, and about the format and the details of what makes an effective headshot. They are photographers who are optimized to work the consumer market, and who cash in on the headshot photography market at the expense of their clients. Don’t pay for their ignorance. Do not allow their mistakes to become your mistakes.
Actors and talent who try to use portrait photographs as headshots will not be able to compete with actors and talent who have invested in real headshots. More to the point, anyone trying to use portraits as headshots will not be able to compete with our clients, because our clients have real, genuine headshots which are the best in the Tampa Bay market, and we are very proud of our work, especially when it is effective and relevant for professionals who have to have great headshots to audition and to land roles.
Without going into details here on this web site about what the differences are between headshot and portrait photography, and what makes an effective headshot, because we are not in business to train aspiring headshot photographers, we do not have a problem explaining this to our clients, and, besides, our work speaks for itself.
For those photographers who think that headshots are portraits, we would not be surprised if they started having groups of actors come to their studio and have everyone in the same “headshot” picture, and then have the actors in the group “headshot” (portrait) use those and point out which one they are in the “headshot” to the casting director. This might sound ridiculous, and it is, but it is more obvious that what these photographers are offering as headshot photography services. It might not be as apparent when that pass off a portrait photograph as a headshot, since only one person is in the “headshot”, but it is the same thing, and that’s what is scary.

What do you mean when you state that Tampa headshot photographers do not have examples of real headshots that they have done?
Without training those photographers who may be reading this, and going to detail, let’s just say that long shots and body/ torso photographs are not head shots, but many of these photographers think that they are. We love it when they advertise headshot photography and don’t have any real, actual examples of headshots to show.

Location or studio for Tampa Bay headshot photography?
Our headshot photography work in the Tampa Bay area was born in our modeling portfolio work, and it evolved over time. Since effective modeling portfolios are done on location using natural light or natural light mixed in with artificial fill light, our headshot photography work, naturally, evolved using natural light on location. Studio photography can work, with props and large teams, substantially raising costs and reducing overall value to the client, but any studio photography with a matte backdrop is too limiting, and not as effective as location photography work.
So, while we do have studio headshot photography services available, and there are a few examples of studio headshot photography work on this web site (which will be specifically noted), our specialty is doing headshot photography services on location, which gives us much more flexibility. Our headshot photography work, which can be looked at and enjoyed on this web site, is all done on location, although some may swear that we shot our headshot portfolio in a studio (unless specifically noted in the headshot information section for that headshot photograph, all of our headshots are done on location). We have been doing exceptional headshot photography work on location for over ten years, now, and that headshot photography work is better than the majority of headshot photography done in studios by our competition. You only have to look at our work, and compare, to see that for yourself.
Doing modeling portfolio photography back in 2000 and 2001, we started doing a lot of headshots for each modeling look shot. Over time, that is a lot of headshots. By 2002, we had our headshot photography format dialed in and nailed, and it really hit its stride by 2004. It took us years to perfect our headshots, and our clients benefit from that experience.

PUBLISHED 01/24/12

UPDATED 05/03/12

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